Building business for local, state and national clients.

Elizabeth Christian Public Relations is a public relations firm specializing in projects involving media relations, public affairs, legislative and grassroots projects, social media planning and execution, business development, event planning and crisis communications. The firm is dedicated to developing and delivering measurable communication strategies that align with clients’ objectives.


ECPR, established in 1995, is one of the largest public relations firms in Central Texas. It is known for handling successful, results-oriented projects that employ a wide array of communication tools, including media outreach, creation of collateral materials, planning and implementation of social media strategies, video production, public meetings and celebrations, direct mail, e-marketing, website updates, development of speakers bureaus, public service announcements, coalition development and polling.

Elizabeth Christian was named “Public Relations Practitioner of the Year” by the Texas Public Relations Association, and the firm has won numerous other awards from public relations and community organizations.

ECPR’s Unique Discipline​

ECPR uses a unique discipline. We treat each client as a candidate running for election. We start by determining exactly what a “win” looks like and when Election Day is.

For you, it might be when your hospital is full of patients, when your show or product is sold out, when a donor makes a sizeable contribution to your organization, or when the Appropriations Bill comes out and your line item is safely preserved. We put a plan in place that works backward from that day—not forward from today. That way, our clients hit the heads of steam they need to push their company, product or issue to success. And they don’t lose momentum at a critical time. Our approach is to provide customized strategies because not all tools are right for all clients. No matter the combination of communication tools that’s right for you, we are skilled at employing all of them.