Elizabeth Christian Public Relations |

Measurable Media Relations

Media Relations: Garnering an abundance of local, statewide and national publicity that motivates the public to act; skilled in crisis management and media training

Strategic Public Relations

Strategy and Messaging: Overseeing opinion polling and research; developing campaign strategy and messaging that is key to success

Creative: Crafting print, video and audio collateral material

Media Placement: Media planning and buying that fits with the strategy of a larger campaign

Comprehensive Legislative Consulting and Media Strategies

Public Affairs: Providing legislative and political media relations consulting; strategic partnership/alliance development; grassroots coalition building

Sophisticated Social Media Planning, Implementation and Analytics

Digital Strategy and Content Development: Creating integrated and measurable 21st Century web strategies with the right mix of social media and business applications.

Full-Service Event Planning

Event Management: Developing strategic events from concept to execution

Reputation Management

Reputation Management: Tracking coverage and mentions of your brand in the media and online.

Video Production

Video Production: Creating strategic video to showcase your brand and better tell its story.

Branding and Graphic Design

Branding and Graphic Design Services: The creative foundation of a PR campaign.

Communication Audits

Communication Audits: The difference between public relations success and failure.

Crisis Communications

Crisis Communications: Preparing for crises we hope never occur.

ECPR’s Unique Discipline

ECPR uses a unique discipline; we treat each client as a candidate running for election. We start by determining exactly what a “win” looks like and when Election Day is. Election Day is different for every client and every issue.

For you, it might be when your hospital is full of patients, when your show or product is sold out, when a donor makes a sizeable contribution to your organization, or when the Appropriations Bill comes out and your line item is safely preserved. Regardless, we start by making sure you know a win when you see it and you know what represents your Election Day. Once we know that, we put a plan in place that works backward from that day—not forward from today. That way, our clients hit the heads of steam they need to push their company, product or issue to success. And they don’t lose momentum at a critical time.

There are dozens of tools that can be used for an effective campaign. Our approach is to provide customized strategies because not all tools are right for all clients. Sometimes the answer is a statewide media campaign, other times it’s a coalition and grass roots effort with social media, another time it might be everything we’ve got. No matter the combination of communication tools that’s right for you, we are skilled at employing all of them.