The Great Journalist Migration


Lately, more and more journalists seem to be leaving the world of reporting and crossing over into the PR field, and they have good reason of course. Reporting jobs are decreasing as TV stations, radio stations and newspapers try to keep up with the Internet, where anyone — from bloggers to Wolf Blitzer  —can report the news as it happens.

The big question to consider is this: Do journalists really make good PR professionals?

My answer: Yes! As an ex-reporter myself I was faced with the fears many of us have when leaving the profession. I thought, “I don’t have a degree in PR,” and “I haven’t had much experience in business meetings and corporate communication.”

However, I found that what I did bring to the table — knowing how to pitch to the media, how to write for print, how to tell stories, the ability to meet deadlines and my extensive media contacts throughout Texas — was an asset to the team.

Sure, I have more to learn. For instance, I have not perfected my corporate communications, and I am learning this job is not only about pitching news stories. However, I was lucky enough to find a company with a founder who has mastered and created the perfect balance of journalism and public relations in her career.

So as my journalism career comes to an end and my public relations one begins, I can truly say that migrating from reporting the news to helping create the news has been the best decision I have made so far.

Thanks ECPR for embracing the journalist and the PR professional in me!

-Lia Pette

Account Executive, Elizabeth Christian Public Relations

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