Video Production

How we communicate with our various publics is always evolving. With changes in social and traditional media, it is becoming increasingly important to serve as a source for rich content. Elizabeth Christian Public Relations (ECPR) helps clients do just that through high-quality video production.

ECPR’s video strategist is equipped with a diverse team of videographers and the latest tools to tell your story.

Here are a few of the video production services that ECPR provides to our clients:

Press Conferences and Events

Are you concerned that media may not cover your important press conference or event? Develop a back-up plan by capturing the event with your own video footage, distributing it to local media and sharing it on the web.

For an example of how ECPR can take a press conference or announcement and turn it into a compelling video that lives on your website or can be shared on social media, watch the video below:

Web Videos

With your company or organization’s website and social media channels, you already have powerful methods of distribution. You just need robust content to tell your story. ECPR creates videos to tell stories and then manages the distribution on a client’s behalf.

ECPR client Texas Mutual illustrates the company’s life-changing work by sharing the personal victory of one of their injured workers:

Video Marketing

An investment in video can go a long way when we leverage your video projects with our marketing services.

Concordia University Texas turned to ECPR’s video team to promote its unique brand and mission in the Central Texas community:

In today’s world, excellent video production is about more than simply making you or your CEO look terrific on camera. It’s about creating a consistent message that resonates with your target audience and then finding the appropriate channel to disseminate that message. (Don’t worry. We’ll make you look great, too!)