Exelon Nuclear


Exelon Nuclear, headquartered in Warrenville, Ill., operates the largest nuclear fleet in the nation and the third-largest fleet in the world. Exelon’s 10 stations—with 17 reactors—represent approximately 20 percent of the U.S. nuclear industry’s power capacity.

When Exelon settled on Victoria County as a possible location for its first nuclear plant in Texas, company leaders engaged ECPR for strategy around the announcement and ongoing communications management. Our work focused on crisis communications; coalition building, advertising and collateral development; community organizing; state and local media relations; crisis communications, and event planning.


Nuclear energy is one of the least understood generators of electricity in the world. Anticipating a certain level of public anxiety about the announcement, ECPR created a detailed communication plan, encompassing overall strategy and messaging.

Considering the potential for a multimillion dollar investment in Victoria County, we knew this news would have a huge impact. We spent several weeks cultivating media relationships in the area and developing a broad-based support coalition of leadership organizations and individual community leaders. Then we planned an announcement breakfast where officials shared news about the potential plant, acknowledged the bonds that had been built through the development of the coalition and shared news about the possible nuclear plant with the community. This event was an opportunity to publicly thank supporters and build community-wide excitement about next steps in welcoming nuclear energy.

As a result of strategic partnerships and media relationships cultivated by ECPR, along with the goodwill generated by the announcement event, Exelon was welcomed into the community and recognized as a good corporate citizen.

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