Internships Offer Value to Young Professionals—and Employers

August 29, 2016

As the summer comes to a close, many college students and graduates are heading back to school—or out into the workforce—with the valuable experiences they gained during their summer internships.

I, personally, am an advocate of internships. There is no better way to learn an industry than by immersing yourself in it. Hands-on experience is a must!

While the goal of an internship is to provide students with meaningful experiences, internship programs also benefit businesses and employers in a number of ways:

  • Interns can provide valuable insight and bring new perspective. As current students or recent graduates, interns have real-world knowledge of trends surrounding their age demographic, including social trends, which can prove valuable when it comes to public outreach.
  • Interns enhance businesses’ work by doing seemingly small, but very important tasks. For a PR firm, that could mean drafting copy, helping to build targeted media lists for “pitching” stories or assisting with on-site coordination of a media or public event.
  • Interns become “brand ambassadors.” Whether you realize it or not, hiring an intern will help spread the word about your company and the services it provides. In addition to growing your business, a positive experience will likely create a pipeline of strong intern candidates down the road.
  • Internships help companies find future employees. Internships provide employers with a snapshot of interns’ capabilities. Bottom line—exceptional interns make exceptional employees!

Hiring interns not only helps students in our community get started, but it also enhances the local workforce as a whole.

We believe so strongly in providing a meaningful internship that we’ve “hired” nearly 130 interns during the past two decades, and approximately 13 were eventually hired as full-time employees! (That’s about one in 10!)

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Erin Ochoa
Vice President, Account Management
Elizabeth Christian Public Relations