July 1, 2019

Social media is the new form of customer service

“Let’s be careful on social media. We don’t want our customers getting in the habit of expecting a response.” Read that last sentence again. “We …

May 2, 2019

The importance of being there (wherever “there” is)

Whether it’s across the city, the state or the globe, being there for a client sometimes means literally being there.

February 15, 2019

For the love of (whatever you love), subscribe to a newspaper!

Newspapers enlighten and connect people with different perspectives. They help people learn and grow. Newspaper journalism moves businesses forward and helps drive the economy.

January 30, 2019

Join us in our mission to serve

At Elizabeth Christian Public Relations (ECPR), we’re committed to serving our clients and our community.

January 2, 2019

2019 New Year’s Resolution: Win

If your vision for 2019 is big, you’ll need an expert to achieve your goal. In other words, you’re not likely to win with a piecemeal team or by winging it.

December 20, 2018

ECPR Holiday Giving: Operation Blue Santa and SAFE Alliance

Elizabeth Christian Public Relations (ECPR) celebrates the holiday season each year by choosing a nonprofit to support. This year, ECPR is spreading cheer by offering support to Austin Police Operation Blue Santa and SAFE Alliance.

December 12, 2018

Pardon the jargon

Public relations is an industry rich in lingo. It’s also an industry that is commonly confused with advertising and marketing. While a PR campaign can …

November 29, 2018

Nailing client service means hammering on communication

Public relations is a client services business. I’ve worked as a PR professional for almost 20 years and know, simply put, that our job is …

November 1, 2018

ECPR Digital Recognized with MarCom Award

Elizabeth Christian Public Relation’s digital department has been honored in this year’s Marcom Awards, an international competition recognizing excellence in marketing and communication. ECPR earned …

October 21, 2018

You Aren’t Always Your Best Messenger

You know your company’s story and expertise better than anyone. But does that mean that you should always be the one telling your story?