7 Tips on Tackling the “Real World” for New Public Relations Professionals

June 19, 2015

It’s June. For the first time in many budding adult lives, the summer heat has not brought on relaxation and fun, but rather deep contemplation …

The Power of Visual Storytelling in Public Relations

October 7, 2014

St. David’s Georgetown Hospital, an ECPR client, recently held a tornado lab where a portion of the hospital was transformed into a training space to …

Measuring Newsworthiness: 5 Questions to Ask Clients

September 17, 2014

Media relations is a key component of PR—and a large part of media relations is knowing which stories or events are, in fact, newsworthy. As …

Pitch Perfect: Five Tips for Pitching the Media

July 30, 2014

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PR Tip: How To Effectively Measure Social Media ROI

July 22, 2014

As a public relations professional, your company and clients are most likely already on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn…but what’s it …

PR Tips: The Importance of Community Involvement

July 15, 2014

Lia Pette discusses the importance of community involvement, including her recent work with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society:

Event Management Best Practices: The RSVP Process

July 14, 2014

Over the years, ECPR has handled hundreds of events for various clients. While each event may look completely different depending on the client, some variables remain the …

The Top Five Meeting Etiquette Rules for Public Relations Professionals

July 7, 2014

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PR Tips: How to Plan and Execute a Successful Event

June 30, 2014

Planning a flawless event requires an enormous amount of organization as many different elements — from the RSVP list to the catering — must come …

Travel Tips for Public Relations Professionals

June 23, 2014

Do you travel often as a PR professional? Levente McCrary, a VP of Account Management here at ECPR, shares her best practices for business travel in …